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Hi! I'm Rikku, gypsy, mechanic extraordinaire, resident AlBhed specialist, and hot chick #2! (sasuney is hot chick #1!) My entire life is my friends, the family I chose.

YunieYuna - my cousin, my sister, my best friend
Tidus - my brother-I-never-had, my friend, my partner in crime
Aniki - my brother, my pilot, my make-me-feel-smart-er
Cid - my tytto, my captain, my fight-with-er
Gippal - my friend, my childhood crush, my no-tytto-he's-not-my-boyfriend
Buddy - my brother, my brother's best friend, my stop-Aniki-from-bullying-me
Lulu - my big sister, my I-wish-I-was-like-her, my scare-me-into-behaving-person
Wakka - my friend, my cousin, my not-a-bigot
Kimhari - my big, blue-butt brother
Auron - my big, red, meanie-head